Waltraut Ritter

Archives and Open Public Data: Creating the Future of Connected Cultural Content in Hong Kong

Recent developments in open government data policies and digital convergence strategies in many countries have created new opportunities to access and use digital cultural content from public memory institutions such as libraries, archives and museums. These new policies supported by technology are changing our views on how memory institutions create socio-economic value.

Opening up cultural content and data is challenging for most institutions given the complexity of   legal, technical and economic issues. While Hong Kong is highly ranked in global e-Readiness in the business sector, it is still just emerging in the cultural sector.


Waltraut Ritter is research director at Knowledge Dialogues, conducting applied research on socio-economic issues of information and knowledge society. One of her main research areas is on public open data policies in the cultural sector, where she regularly contributes to international working groups and scholarly conferences. She is also served on the Digital21 strategy advisory committee of the HKSAR government.

She is member of the Asia-Europe Museum Network, a Fellow of the Salzburg Global Seminar, and the Aalto Societal Innovation initiative. She is visiting faculty at the International School of Information Management the University of Mysore (India), where she was leading a project on cultural knowledge assets of a heritage city. She was professor for Knowledge Management at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore and is lecturing at universities across the Asia Pacific region.  She holds an MA in Information Science and Sociology from the Free University of Berlin, and an MBA from Anglia University, Cambridge, UK.

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