Susan Hazan

We want it all and we want it now!

Anyone who walks around with a smartphone, or tablet at hands’ reach expects the world to appear straight in the palm of their hand. And, not only do they expect it to arrive looking great on their screen, they are not going to wait for any spinning icon to tap out lost time – they want it now!

How on earth can a museum keep up with this frantic publishing demand when the traditional museum is set for collecting/curating/and conserving mode; not practices that move – on a good day – more than at a respectful snails pace. There seems to be a built in oxymoron here – a true contradiction of modes between tradition museum practice and the demands of a public that Tweet, Share and Like their lives; shunting everything to and fro around them.

So – lets say that we do manage to meet this demand – what is lost in the process?

What is the potential loss here and what we are supposed to be doing as curators?

  1. 1. Loss of the aura (Walter Benjamin)
  2. 2. Loss of lossiness (serving quality on the fly)
  3. 3. Loss of authority

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