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Think mobile first … in everything!

Pack and PlunderDesigning for mobile forces an institution to re-focus on the type of content that needs to be developed, as well as thinking about how to extend their capabilities for providing rich content in a sustainable way, through offering a seamless experience for visitors across platforms. The challenge here is encouraging exhibition project managers, designers, learning specialists and other program staff to “think mobile first” to better integrate the physical and online spheres via mobile-content developed and delivered through easy self-managed systems. I will outline the potential of mobile to transform how museum staff deliver rich content across physical exhibitions and programs using case examples from the Australian Museum, Sydney.

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Dr. Lynda KellyDr Lynda Kelly is currently Manager of Online, Editing and Audience Research at the Australian Museum, Sydney. She has published widely in museum evaluation and the impact of social media/Web 2.0 on contemporary museum practice. She is particularly interested in visitor experiences and learning and how these can be measured, online and mobile learning as well as the strategic uses of audience research and digital technologies in organisational change and public programming. Lynda is happily obsessed with all things Web 2.0 and curious to see how this will change the world that museums operate within and the ways people learn. Lynda is the Director of Museum3, a not-for-profit social network site for museum professionals, with an active, global membership of over 3,000. In 2007 she completed her PhD in museum learning and visitor identities, and in 2010 released, Hot Topics, Public Culture, Museums, co-edited with Dr Fiona Cameron, University of Western Sydney. During 2012 Lynda taught Museums and the Digital at Sydney University.

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